— The leading full-featured Linux office application
* Installing and setting up
* Creating and editing text documents
* Creating and editing spreadsheets
* Creating and editing slide-show presentations
* Creating and editing graphics
* Opening and modifying files created with Microsoft Office
o Good points and bad points
o Using other applications to improve graphics created with
* Importing and exporting different file formats (GIF, .doc, etc.)
* Setting up templates
* Finding and using macros and prewritten-templates
* Where to find help

Kopete — IM, IRC, and general chat application

* Setting it up
* Tips and tricks

Kwrite — A simple text editor
* Creating documents
* Saving documents in multiple file formats
* Tips and tricks

Bluefish — HTML/text editor
* Creating documents
* Saving documents in multiple file formats
* Tips and tricks

Digikam — Importing photos from your digital camera
* Works with most cameras, but not all
* Setting it up
* Tips and tricks
* Using Digikam with USB memory cards
* Where to get help

RealPlayer — Play streaming audio and video
* Setting it up

Xine — Multimedia player
* Setting it up
* Tips and tricks
* Legal problems with proprietary formats; why we can’t tell you how to overcome them here; where to get more information
* Where to get help

* Linux used to be hard to install and use but new applications have simplified the process.

* You can perform most common computing and Internet tasks with free Linux programs.
o Programs included with this book:
+ Mozilla (Web browser and email)
+ (Word processing, Spreadsheet, graphics prep, slide shows, some database capabilities)
+ Macromedia Flash X.x (View Flash-enabled Web sites)
+ Real Player X.x (View and hear streaming media online)
+ Xpdf (View and print .pdf documents)
+ Digikam (Upload photos from most popular digital cameras, make handy photo galleries)
+ Xine (multimedia player)
+ Kopete (IRC/IM/Chat)
+ The GIMP (Sophisticated graphics program)
+ GNUcash (Home and small business bookkeeping)
+ K3B (Super-easy CD-burning program)
+ Kwrite (Simple text editor)
+ Bluefish (HTML/text editor)
+ Amusements (Board, card, and arcade games)
+ ***Others TBD***